The New Editor

Today we are happy to announce a new core feature of TwentyThree’s Video Marketing Platform: Editor. This makes it easy and convenient to multiply and cut video directly within your browser.

The new Editor is built for the content marketers, optimizing their videos every day. Editor will not replace professional video editing suites, but it makes the most common tasks for marketers easier and much faster to complete, directly in the browser.

You can use the Editor for all your content, such as mobile videos, user contributed content, live recordings and much more.

Read a short description of Editor below or go to our full help center article here:


Multiply videos into optimized, focused clips to get the most SEO value on your inbound pages or ready to distribute to social media. Since your content is consumed in different ways on different platforms you need to trim your content to fit the different criteria. Use Multiply to create multiple versions of the same video, and distribute your hand picked 30 seconds to Twitter, your teaser to Facebook, and even a different version to use on your newsletter landing pages.

Cut Video

Trim or cut existing videos with a few clicks and without ever needing to download an original file again. This make it extremely convenient to work with video uploads from mobile or videos coming in from user generated campaign. It’s also an very powerful tool to use with recordings from live events.


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