Updated ‘Video Maps’ block

As we keep on building more themes we make sure all layout blocks are adapted as well — to supplement the new themes. A recent example is the layout block for maps, Video map, which has been updated to work with the new, responsive themes.

To try it out, simply go to Design -> Site Layout in the 23 Video backend and find the block in the dropdown “Add a new block”. If the site you’re managing is running an old version of this block, simply add the block again and you’ll immediately have the responsive(nice)ness activated.


New player embed codes

We have added two new ways to embed your videos: Responsive embeds and thumbnail embed.

Responsive embeds: If you are embedding your videos into a responsive design, you probably want your embedded videos to scale as well. With our new responsive embed codes, the player will automatically take up all horizontal space available whilst keeping the correct aspect ratio of your video. To use it, simply change the scaling setting in your player’s size-settings.

Thumbnail embeds: If you are ever in a situation where you want to embed multiple videos on the same web page, you might have noticed that this can negatively affect the loading time of that page. By using our new thumbnail embed codes, instead of loading a full video player, the embed code will simply put a video thumbnail on your page. When this thumbnail is clicked, it turns into the full video player and starts playing your video. Start using it by changing the “Embed full player” setting in your player’s size-settings.