Updated ‘Video Maps’ block

As we keep on building more themes we make sure all layout blocks are adapted as well — to supplement the new themes. A recent example is the layout block for maps, Video map, which has been updated to work with the new, responsive themes.

To try it out, simply go to Design -> Site Layout in the 23 Video backend and find the block in the dropdown “Add a new block”. If the site you’re managing is running an old version of this block, simply add the block again and you’ll immediately have the responsive(nice)ness activated.


HTML blocks are liquid capable

Did you know that you can write liquid within floating html blocks? All the variables from the current page are available to the blocks. Make grids much more flexible and allowing you to create even more advanced video websites.

All new comments

You may have noticed that we recently updated the comments function? For 23 Video users this means goodies like more design options, a brand new user interface and several options for social log-in. 

If you have an 23 Video account your username will automatically be detected as you are commenting. For your audience you can offer of a range of log-in options like Twitter, Facebook, Github and more. As a moderator you can have direct conversations with your audience, as the comments now are updated live. You’ll also have the option of promoting specific comments on your page.


The comment field is now rich media-friendly. Simply add your photos, articles, links and videos. Your link will automatically be shortened, matching the title of the media you are adding.

You are now probably wondering how to get it; When adding a comments layout-block to your video website you will automatically be updated with the newest version. Meaning — if you already have comments activated on your site simply de-activate it when adding the new block. Go to Design -> Layout in your 23 Video backend to get started and ping us if you have any questions.