Updated ‘Video Maps’ block

As we keep on building more themes we make sure all layout blocks are adapted as well — to supplement the new themes. A recent example is the layout block for maps, Video map, which has been updated to work with the new, responsive themes.

To try it out, simply go to Design -> Site Layout in the 23 Video backend and find the block in the dropdown “Add a new block”. If the site you’re managing is running an old version of this block, simply add the block again and you’ll immediately have the responsive(nice)ness activated.


New Theme: Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday is a contemporary theme which puts your videos at the forefront. Perfect for showing off your products or your portfolio.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 14.19.12

To activate Ruby Tuesday on your video website, go to Design -> Pick a Theme in the 23 Video backend. Make sure you have some high quality thumbnails ready for promoted videos, upload a logo, maybe even your font and brand colors — and you’re good to go!

A brand new design tool: Theme options

Theme options is a result of us rolling out many new changes to the design tools of 23 Video. This allows developers to set up options for their themes — options that can be used by end-users to tweak the design.

Theme options can include colors, logos, fonts, and much more. The choices made by users are available to developers in Sass, Liquid, CSS and JavaScript, and when an options changes the entire site design is automatically rebuilt.

To check it out, visit Design -> Theme Options in the 23 Video backend. The options you create will automatically be added as a option card for customization of the current theme.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 16.45.01


Custom designs for pages

Back in September we extended options for editing the content on default landing pages. Now, we’ve taken it a step further by providing more options for custom designes on pages, such as ‘log in’-, ‘sign-up’- and ‘forgotten password-pages.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 14.59.26

This means you are equipped with the tools you need to fully customize the design and function of a page like this. Simply go to Design -> Page Templates in the 23 Video backend, find the page in interest and start changing the page design.

New theme: Start Me Up

The newly released theme Start Me Up is an elegant yet familiar theme that promotes ease of use while pushing user engagement. A great base to start building your video web site and with simple customizations have it fit your brand design.

Try for yourself by visiting Design -> Pick a Theme in the 23 Video backend.
And, make sure you check out The Fashion Release to know more about design themes.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 14.11.57

Fill up on dummy content

As you are setting up a 23 Video site for the first time — or even doing a full makeover on an existing account — you can now, very easily, fill the video website up with suitable dummy content.

If you are trying out 23 Video for the first time you’ll have “Content” appear as one of your setup options. For accounts already set up, simply search for the feature in the top-right corner of the 23 Video backend. Type the words “dummy“, “fill” or “content” to get started using this feature.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.37.46

Simply type search-words of your interest. After a moment your site will be filled with thumbnails matching your business, organisation or subject for the video website. These are all ‘creative comments’ images matching your input.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.47.02
Behind the images you’ll find a dummy video — the same video behind every thumbnail. Match this feature with the 23 Video Themes and you’ll be up and running with a suitable video website in the matter of minutes.

Nice, huh?


We’ve added more layout blocks

Floating blocks in the design tool of 23 Video allows you to insert content to the layout grid.
You can add, move, and edit blocks. Each block is designed to add a specific type of content to your site.
Now we have added a few more to the list:


This block collects options for navigation on your site. Options include items such as sitename, logo, search, list of channels and links to static pages.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.39.19


This block displays statistics from activity on your 23 Video site. Numbers that are available are: number of videos, plays, number of votes, rating in average, comments, play rate, playtime on average and total playtime.

Live Banner:

This block displays a banner, advertising an upcoming or already happening live event on your video website. Simply add the block and define which scheduled events you’d like to include.

Read all about Layout blocks in the 23 Video Help Center. All blocks are prepared for your customization. Simply click the <> icon to change the code.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.44.08

New Theme: Satisfaction

Satisfaction represents the industry standard of video website designs: Utilizing common design patterns and de-facto standards, Satisfaction gives users a platform they instantly understand, leaving them free to explore. Get started immediately and customize the design for your own satisfaction. Go to Design -> Pick a Theme to start revamping your video website.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 14.03.27

Meet Street Fighting Man

With the Fashion Release of 23 Video we launched a suit of theme designs and Street Fighting Man is one of them; Designed with competitions in mind, this theme emphasizes user generated content through open upload, but can be customized for any marketing use case.

Check it out by visiting Design -> Pick a Theme in the 23 Video backend.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 13.50.55

We recently reviewed the process of editing layout blocks and decided to make things a little easier for our users. This resulted in a few basic, but surprisingly user-friendly changes:

Lightbox editing: The editing tool now opens in a lightbox on top of the page. You’re keeping the context of your page and you no longer have to go back and fourth when editing a layout block.


Inline documentation: Each layout block has a number of available variables attached to it. Previously these variables was documented underneath the editor. Now the documentation is inline with the editor itself, making it much easier to get a full overview.

Custom includes: A nice example on these new custom includes is that you no longer have to edit each layout block that is relevant to thumbnails, just change it in the custom include template for ‘Video Thumbnails’ once and you are good to go. You’ll find the custom include templates under Design -> Templates in the 23 Video backend.
Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 13.17.42

Keyboard shortcuts: We’ve added some keyboard shortcuts that are useful when you are editing a layout block. Everything from ‘esc’ to exit the editor to very easily saving new changes (not the whole page) using ‘cmd+s’.

Autosave: You’ve always been able to reposition blocks by dragging them around, but now the changes you make autosaves after each move.

Simple, but nice.

Design for filtering and search

You might have noticed that we just changed the design for searching, filtering and grouping videos in the 23 Video back-end. With real-time search and clever filtering this nice little upgrade makes it even easier to browse through your videos.

OAuth authentication with Visualplatform.js

Visualplatform.js is our library for working with the 23 Video API on the client-side (and actually on the server-side with Node.js, but who’s counting?).

It’s a pretty flexible tool, and forms the basis for a lot of our own work already: Players, action editors, analytics browsing, live search and more. It’s also an obvious tool for light-weight integration of 23 Video into other side — for example if you want to show a list of thumbnails linking back to the video website and so on.

So much for what used to be — because the big news is that we’ve added support for OAuth authentication to the library now. This means that the library can be used for building much more complex web apps integration deeper features for 23 Video. For example upload apps, comment editors, video thumbnail pickers, or whatever you want.

Read more about how to use OAuth with our API and how it works in JavaScript

HTML blocks are liquid capable

Did you know that you can write liquid within floating html blocks? All the variables from the current page are available to the blocks. Make grids much more flexible and allowing you to create even more advanced video websites.

New API method: /api/photo/get-transcoding-progress

We have added a new API method to get the transcoding progress of a video. This method lists the status of all formats and tasks related to the video in question and an estimate of when the item is going to be done.

Easier to share download links

Recently we updated how we handle download of videos in the 23 Video backend.

The procedure is the same; Choose a video in the backend of your video website, click the “Download” option in the left sidebar, find a list of all formats available for that video and choose the format of your choice. The difference though is that the file now downloads directly to disk when clicking this link, instead of playing in the browser as it used to.

This makes it much easier to share download links to your audience.

Custom styled e-mails

We are rolling out letting users create custom styled e-mails, sent from 23 Video. The first one out is the mail sent to as new users are invited to the platform.

Just like any other part of your 23 Video site, you can now use css and liquid to modify the design. And, you can always check what the emails currently look like by clicking « show preview mail». Find the email template available for styling under Design -> Templates -> E-mails. 

Accessibility in players

By the first of July 2014 all new norwegian websites are required to be accessible for vision and hearing impaired — and many other government institutions follow similar guidelines. That is one of the reasons why we’ve made a bunch of accessibility upgrades to our players. Optimized for vision and hearing impaired users, our players now includes keyboard shortcuts for navigation, volume, subtitles and text-labels for screen readers.

Did you know that we support Twitter Cards? Have Twitter verify your 23 Video account and make sure all tweets linking back to your account will be rich media friendly and have the video included — driving even more video traffic to your site.  

Looks nice, right?

Player update: tray and cursor

We have improved showing and hiding of controls in the player — making the tray automatically hidden as the mouse leaves the player. In the same time we also make sure that the cursor is displayed and hidden along intelligently. 

A simple but nice little update, making sure viewing isn’t being disturbed by control elements like these — creating even better video experiences for the end-user. 

4K Video Resolution

We are rolling out support for 4K video (Ultra High Definition), replacing 1080p as the highest-resolution signal available thru 23 Video. 

4K resolution refers to a display, device or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. Amongst others, this is a exciting update for the ones using distribution points like Apple TV, iTunes or Airplay, reaching TV’s screen with a minimum UHD resolution set. 

Please let us know if you want to become a beta tester and we’ll make it happen. 

Link directly to a specific time

We have added the ability to link directly to a specific time in a video. An example is how Roskilde Festival is using this. Not only are they using our feature Sections (read more about this here) allowing visitors to browse thru a track list of songs, but also using the URL it self to link to as specific song, moment or memory in one of their festival videos.

Simply add the timecode using a column to separate minutes from seconds and you are good to go:

Ten languages

Did you know that we translated the platform into italian? We now offer 23 Video in ten different languages, and more to come.

To change the language go to Settings -> Language and timezone and choose your language of choice.


Big news on video protection

We are exited about having released a whole new way of doing video protection and access maneuvering in 23 Video. Perviously supporting out of the box access restrictions on site level, we now also offer support video-level access restrictions:

  • Geo-blocking – Only visitors from specified geographic regions are allowed to play the video.
  • Password protection – Visitors need to input a password to play the video.
  • Custom API protection – Visitors need to be authenticated through your own servers to play video.
  • Paywall integrations – Read more about this here.  

To start playing with this feature you simply log in to your 23 Video account, click the video you want to protect and choose the option suitable for your video distribution.


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