New Video Player


We are happy to release the new Standard Player today!

A few great things about the new player: Thumbnails create exposure to your video section or website even before people play the video – the new player has simpler and smarter choices with better visual results – and everything from thumbnails to recommendations, sharing and the scrubber has been redesigned.

In short; a simple and elegant player with much improved viewing experience.

OBS! If you do not have admin access to your video marketing platform, you should really give the admin a friendly reminder of this update! :-)

In addition to the above mentioned, here are some bulletpoints of the improvements :

– We now show time stamps in thumbnails…

– … And current time vs. the total time.

– Volume slider.

– Completely new designed share screen.

– Recommendations screen is re-designed.

– “Play next” feature.

– If you work with slides you can now choose between only watching the video, only slides, or side-by-side video and slides.

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