New player update: Change regarding preload of videos

In late August 2016 we made an important change on how our latest HTML5 video players behave regarding pre-load of video data in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Edge.

Up until August 2016 we allowed the browsers in question to preload a small chunk of the video content on load. This may be considered a feature, since preloading the first few seconds of a video can make playback faster when actually triggered. However, with our new updated HTML5 players this behaviour is unnecessary and we have assessed that it does not add any significant benefit to the end-viewer. Additionally, the behaviour also affected the way we track plays in our analytics as loads were falsely counted as plays on embedded destinations.

We have therefore decided to no longer allow IE-11 or Edge under any circumstance to preload videos as we need to ensure constant and reliable play analytics from these browsers. For users of TwentyThree, this will mean a small drop in play-count for embedded plays in IE-11 and Edge and a slightly lower level of traffic consumption, as less data is loaded from the player in these browsers.

Please do no hesitate to contact TwentyThree support for any questions in this matter

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