Live: People, Realtime Viewers, Collectors, and Webinars

We have just released People, Realtime Viewers, and Collectors as individual features, and now they are also enabled when creating Live events og Webinars. This means that you no longer use the old sign-up formula – instead you add a collector to your event. You can see all the sign-ups from the collector and viewers of the specific live event under People, and who is watching your live stream “right now” under Realtime Viewers.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.00.27
When creating a new Live Event you are now asked to choose between an event or a webinar. We have enabled the possibility to create two different types and layouts of your live events; a standard live page with all the attributes you are used to, and a template for a webinar which is all about the interaction between speakers and participants. A webinar template has a bigger player, fixed sharing buttons, and allow the chat window more space. You can design both types of templates using the Site Designer in Power Mode.

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