Inbound + Categories

To make your inbound marketing as easy to manage as possible, we have now collected all the inbound tools to manage your site in one place – under the new Inbound tab. Manage the design of your template, your content pages, how your player looks and behaves, and everything else connected to the front-end of your video site. Including Categories!

Channels are now Categories
What you used to know as Channels is now Categories, and you will find Categories under the Inbound tab. Click on “Manage categories” to do all the things you used to do with Channels: Adding new, organizing, ordering videos, using actions, etc.

You can also find Categories with the new and improved Videos tab. Here you can quickly get an overview of all videos and analytics placed in a specific category.
This also means that the Channels tab is gone for good, and we have used this opportunity to also change the order of tabs in the menu bar.

Video section vs. Video & Live Pages
As an admin of your video marketing platform, it is now possible to activate and deactivate the entire Video Section. So. If you deactivate your Video Section, but activate Video & Live Pages, all your videos and live events will still have their own unique landing page which you can use and link to as much as you like. These sites will be without “related videos” and breadcrumbs navigating back to all your videos.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 09.26.09

Other updates related to inbound and tabs:

– The Distribute tab is now called Social
– Site Designer and Player Builder (advanced settings) is placed in Power Mode

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