… one-click integration with a lot of common marketing tools.

Connecting your different tools in your marketing stack can really help you do intelligent lead generation and build your marketing strategy on data.

Connect allow you to connect to a variety of external tools and services covering all of the most common products in the marketing toolbox:

– Analytics options let you track video playback alongside the rest of you web analytics, which allow comparison and A/B testing across marketing efforts.

– Marketing Automation options let you use TwentyThree’s collectors and realtime tracking tools directly in your CRM or lead database.

– Remarketing allows you to target advertising to viewers after they have played your video content. Connecting one or more of the remarketing services from Connect let you create audiences automatically within Google AdWords and Adroll. Based on this, you will be able to use these tools to create and run targeted campaigns to your video viewers or segments thereof.

– When you connect to e-mail marketing tools information submitted to People and through collectors will automatically be added to lists within the e-mail marketing product, which make it extremely easy to use video to create signups for mailing lists.

– Advertising connections let you run ads on videos within TwentyThree, for example controlled by Google DFP or using the common VAST standard.


Find Connect under Power Mode in the upper right corner.

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