… a powerful tool for lead generation.

As a digital marketer you want to track the behaviour of your viewers/visitors in order to move them in your sales funnel, as well as reach them with intelligent remarketing.
You can now use the Collector to ask for information to show a video. By this you collect valuable information about your viewers and thereby turn your viewers into real people. And by collecting information about your viewers you can convert them into leads in your sales funnel.

You can apply the Collector to specific videos or to entire categories, and either choose to use the Collector as a wall before the video starts, as an interrupter in the video, or in the end of a video.
Customise the form of the Collector easily by activating or deactivating the various fields, and filling out the text fields.
Get an overview of how your Collectors perform with the performance metrics: Reach, Conversions, Conversion Rate, and when the last signup was registered.

Under Realtime Viewers (Power Mode) you can see who watch your videos “right now”, and you can see all your unique viewers under People. Your viewers can either be identified as real people if they fill out a collector of yours, or by data from another tool in your marketing stack, which you have connected to your video marketing platform.


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