Remarketing to Visitors using TwentyThree

TwentyThree lets you connect to all the major remarketing services, including Facebook, Google, Twitter and AdRoll. This makes it easy to building remarketing or retargeting audience on the platforms based on video viewing.

Specifically, remarketing lets you show ads to people who have played video in your TwentyThree player after they have left your player and your website or used your mobile app. This helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.

Connecting your remarketing services

Connect from TwentyThree

Using the Connect feature in TwentyThree you can connect:



For each of these services you need to create a new audience or tag — and afterwards click the service icons in the TwentyThree backend and type in the relevant information.

Live: People, Realtime Viewers, Collectors, and Webinars

We have just released People, Realtime Viewers, and Collectors as individual features, and now they are also enabled when creating Live events og Webinars. This means that you no longer use the old sign-up formula – instead you add a collector to your event. You can see all the sign-ups from the collector and viewers of the specific live event under People, and who is watching your live stream “right now” under Realtime Viewers.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.00.27
When creating a new Live Event you are now asked to choose between an event or a webinar. We have enabled the possibility to create two different types and layouts of your live events; a standard live page with all the attributes you are used to, and a template for a webinar which is all about the interaction between speakers and participants. A webinar template has a bigger player, fixed sharing buttons, and allow the chat window more space. You can design both types of templates using the Site Designer in Power Mode.


… one-click integration with a lot of common marketing tools.

Connecting your different tools in your marketing stack can really help you do intelligent lead generation and build your marketing strategy on data.

Connect allow you to connect to a variety of external tools and services covering all of the most common products in the marketing toolbox:

– Analytics options let you track video playback alongside the rest of you web analytics, which allow comparison and A/B testing across marketing efforts.

– Marketing Automation options let you use TwentyThree’s collectors and realtime tracking tools directly in your CRM or lead database.

– Remarketing allows you to target advertising to viewers after they have played your video content. Connecting one or more of the remarketing services from Connect let you create audiences automatically within Google AdWords and Adroll. Based on this, you will be able to use these tools to create and run targeted campaigns to your video viewers or segments thereof.

– When you connect to e-mail marketing tools information submitted to People and through collectors will automatically be added to lists within the e-mail marketing product, which make it extremely easy to use video to create signups for mailing lists.

– Advertising connections let you run ads on videos within TwentyThree, for example controlled by Google DFP or using the common VAST standard.


Find Connect under Power Mode in the upper right corner.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 14.02.14




… a powerful tool for lead generation.

As a digital marketer you want to track the behaviour of your viewers/visitors in order to move them in your sales funnel, as well as reach them with intelligent remarketing.
You can now use the Collector to ask for information to show a video. By this you collect valuable information about your viewers and thereby turn your viewers into real people. And by collecting information about your viewers you can convert them into leads in your sales funnel.

You can apply the Collector to specific videos or to entire categories, and either choose to use the Collector as a wall before the video starts, as an interrupter in the video, or in the end of a video.
Customise the form of the Collector easily by activating or deactivating the various fields, and filling out the text fields.
Get an overview of how your Collectors perform with the performance metrics: Reach, Conversions, Conversion Rate, and when the last signup was registered.

Under Realtime Viewers (Power Mode) you can see who watch your videos “right now”, and you can see all your unique viewers under People. Your viewers can either be identified as real people if they fill out a collector of yours, or by data from another tool in your marketing stack, which you have connected to your video marketing platform.


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 21.03.30

Realtime Viewers

In Power Mode you can see your Realtime Viewers:

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 21.06.11

This is a list of the viewers who are watching videos on your site right now. All viewers get a unique Viewer ID (Eg. Viewer #53621), and we provide you with details about when, from which location, and – source the viewer is watching the video.
The green heatmaps show you how much of the video a viewer has seen – the darker green the more times the clip has been seen by the viewer.

You can also see your realtime viewers of a specific live event. Go to the event in your backend and click on Realtime Viewers:



Under the People tab you get an overview of all your unique viewers; how many videos they have seen, when they was last seen, number of visits, minutes of engagement, engagement score, and what source they come from. All unique viewers can potentially become high quality leads identified by a collector or through a connection to another product in your marketing toolbox.

If a viewer has filled out a Collector with his/her email address or if a viewer match with a lead in a marketing automation tool you have connected, the viewer is identified with all the providable information.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 20.57.43

Click on a single viewer to see more specific data. Such as where the viewer was first seen and how he or she has been identified. Under Activity you are able to see what videos the viewer has seen, and the green heatmaps let you know what part of the video has been seen and if it has been seen more than once.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 20.59.58

Inbound + Categories

To make your inbound marketing as easy to manage as possible, we have now collected all the inbound tools to manage your site in one place – under the new Inbound tab. Manage the design of your template, your content pages, how your player looks and behaves, and everything else connected to the front-end of your video site. Including Categories!

Channels are now Categories
What you used to know as Channels is now Categories, and you will find Categories under the Inbound tab. Click on “Manage categories” to do all the things you used to do with Channels: Adding new, organizing, ordering videos, using actions, etc.

You can also find Categories with the new and improved Videos tab. Here you can quickly get an overview of all videos and analytics placed in a specific category.
This also means that the Channels tab is gone for good, and we have used this opportunity to also change the order of tabs in the menu bar.

Video section vs. Video & Live Pages
As an admin of your video marketing platform, it is now possible to activate and deactivate the entire Video Section. So. If you deactivate your Video Section, but activate Video & Live Pages, all your videos and live events will still have their own unique landing page which you can use and link to as much as you like. These sites will be without “related videos” and breadcrumbs navigating back to all your videos.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 09.26.09

Other updates related to inbound and tabs:

– The Distribute tab is now called Social
– Site Designer and Player Builder (advanced settings) is placed in Power Mode

Power Mode

Introducing Power Mode:
The new place for the most advanced and powerful features of your video marketing platform.

Here, you will find the Batch Editing tool accompanied by Site Designer, Player Builder, API and Labs. Some of the features, you probably know already – and we are moving them as a step towards dividing the basic everyday features and the more advanced ones for the sake of simplicity.

Preview and Labs
Preview mode is where we test and improve new upcoming features ahead of launching them widely to all users. When you activate Preview, you will get early access to upcoming features, and you will also receive message and communication about these features from us.

Labs features are different. These are experimental and may never launch publicly, but we still welcome your ideas.

New Video Player


We are happy to release the new Standard Player today!

A few great things about the new player: Thumbnails create exposure to your video section or website even before people play the video – the new player has simpler and smarter choices with better visual results – and everything from thumbnails to recommendations, sharing and the scrubber has been redesigned.

In short; a simple and elegant player with much improved viewing experience.

OBS! If you do not have admin access to your video marketing platform, you should really give the admin a friendly reminder of this update! :-)

In addition to the above mentioned, here are some bulletpoints of the improvements :

– We now show time stamps in thumbnails…

– … And current time vs. the total time.

– Volume slider.

– Completely new designed share screen.

– Recommendations screen is re-designed.

– “Play next” feature.

– If you work with slides you can now choose between only watching the video, only slides, or side-by-side video and slides.

Import videos from your social channels

​​​From today, you can import all your video content from YouTube and Facebook. This makes it quick and easy to collect all your online video content in one place with all meta data and analytics included. You get the full overview from one single dashboard, where you can bring all videos back to your own website with a click. Having videos on your site is a great way to increase your SEO value. Google places a lot of weight on video content so the more content you have the better you rank. In other words, your website will appear higher up in google search results.

When you have imported your videos you can edit and re-use imported content from one platform by distributing to another one in few minutes – without the hassle of logging in and out on social account, downloading time, and uploading time.

Get started by connecting all your social accounts to your TwentyThree platform and begin the import of perhaps many years of video content – ready for re-use.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.26.38

Native Analytics

For the first time ever, you are able to see and compare how your videos are performing on the web and across social platforms in one single place. Move your mouse over the keymetrics and you will see how your videos perform both in your video section and natively on social platforms. This makes it possible to have an overview of all video content’s analytic data – and to see and compare full break-downs of impressions, plays, performance, and engagement.


Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.17.56 
In order to get native analytics from your videos you need to connect your social platforms to your TwentyThree account under the Social tab.  

Video Overview and Social Videos

You can, now, quickly access and work with the videos you have in your video section, on your social platforms, what videos you have embedded, and your unpublished videos. You can even filter by your channels directly in the overview, and under “Social Videos” you will see what videos have been distributed to which social platforms and pages.  

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 09.52.13


The New Editor

Today we are happy to announce a new core feature of TwentyThree’s Video Marketing Platform: Editor. This makes it easy and convenient to multiply and cut video directly within your browser.

The new Editor is built for the content marketers, optimizing their videos every day. Editor will not replace professional video editing suites, but it makes the most common tasks for marketers easier and much faster to complete, directly in the browser.

You can use the Editor for all your content, such as mobile videos, user contributed content, live recordings and much more.

Read a short description of Editor below or go to our full help center article here:


Multiply videos into optimized, focused clips to get the most SEO value on your inbound pages or ready to distribute to social media. Since your content is consumed in different ways on different platforms you need to trim your content to fit the different criteria. Use Multiply to create multiple versions of the same video, and distribute your hand picked 30 seconds to Twitter, your teaser to Facebook, and even a different version to use on your newsletter landing pages.

Cut Video

Trim or cut existing videos with a few clicks and without ever needing to download an original file again. This make it extremely convenient to work with video uploads from mobile or videos coming in from user generated campaign. It’s also an very powerful tool to use with recordings from live events.


Native Distribution to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

We have now enabled native distribution to your social platforms!

This feature saves you the time and trouble of downloading your videos, logging in and out of your different social accounts, and uploading your videos from your local disc.

Now, all you need to do is to add your social accounts under the Distribution tab, click on the video you want to distribute, and press on the social platform you wish to post the video to.

You get a preview of your social post, the ability to switch between your different accounts and schedule your post right away.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 14.47.10