Summer Updates

It has been a while since our last updates, and the Summer and beginning of Autumn bring with it a slew of updates.


We have optimised the pipeline for exporting videos to social platforms which should vastly reduce waiting time, primarily affecting shorter videos.

The overall UI has also received a touch-up with better display of error messages, better management of time zones when posting and scheduling and various tweaks.



Our audience section, where you can view profiles for your site’s visitors, has also received a number of upgrades.

1. We have added custom engagement scoring, allowing you to tweak how we score and rank visitors. Simply hover the gear icon next to your username and select “Engagement Scoring” from the dropdown list, and you can tweak what matters most to you – # of videos watched, play time, # of visits and whether they have contact information or not.


2. The profile listing has received a number of quality improvements: Better filtering, real-time upgrades, and infinite scrolling. As always, you can download the entire list of profiles in CSV format.

3. For your collectors, we have added the option to add your own fields. Hover the gear icon, select “Collector fields” and you can add new fields to include on a per-collector basis.


E-mail embeds and thumbnails

As shown in our previous post, we have also given some love to our embeds. We now support e-mail embed-codes for the major e-mail providers as well as a generic one. And to top it off, these embed codes support animated gifs, which have been shown to increase click-rates.