Analytics Reports and Filters

A long requested feature in TwentyThree is now available.

In the analytics tool, you can now filter by videos and/or categories combined in a custom selection for videos and save a filter preset for sharing and later review.

Each filter will generate a unique URL you can save and share with other users to quickly get the latest updates on the subset of videos.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 3.07.48 PM

You can create filters based on the following parameters.

Specific videos or categories: Search for the videos or categories you would like to include in the filter.

Time specific: Select a specific time periode or chose on one the predefined time periods

Embed destinations: Specific a specific embed destination for the subset of videos.



Social Update: Native Scheduling

We are doing a few updates to scheduling of post to Social Media, which we are really happy to share

Native Scheduling: Videos distributed to Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube will be pushed out to the platforms right away and published at a later time (native post). This means, that you can find the scheduled videos on your Facebook and YouTube account and can make changes if necessary before the video is published.

Twitter does not support post-without-publish and the scheduling will therefore still be handled by TwentyThree.

Edit Social Posts:You can now edit published videos from TwentyThree, changing the title and description for a video on Facebook, Vimeo andYouTube

Twitter does now allow any edits on posts, so this feature is not applicable for the Twitter distribution.